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Last updated 01/26/20
JBPX MP15DC 503 at San Francisco, CA (June 2003)
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03/19/23 - Passing
The owner of Adair Shops recently passed away. His passing was sudden and unexpected. The family mourns his lose and is grappling with all the loose ends that an unexpected passing brings.

As his son, I am tasked with closing the business. The shear scope of clearing close to 20 years of business related equipment and material is further compounded by the memories various items stir.

There are a couple of items to note. First off, I have been able to gain access into the business email. I will be checking email several times throughout the week. Also, in order to help my mom with expenses, the business phone is being shut off at the end of the month. Best way to get in touch with Adair Shops will be through email or snail mail. Lastly, the website will be kept up and running for the foreseeable future.

As I work to close the business, updates will be posted here. Finally, I personally want to thank all the past and current Adair Shops customers for your support.
12/05/22 - End of Train Approaching
Every train has a last car. For those of us old enough to remember, it was the caboose. Today, it‘s an electronic box mounted on the last coupler knuckle, or perhaps a DPU locomotive. Regardless, there is always an end to a train.

But like a train, Adair Shops is reaching the end of its business life. With a hobby that has moved to fully assembled Ready to Run product along with continually increasing business costs, we recognize the end is approaching.

Therefore, 2023 will be our final year in business, with the business closing around midyear. As part of planned closing, we are making some immediate changes.

We will no longer be accepting orders for catalog product directly from the website. If there is a weight kit or load that you are interested in purchasing, please email us with your inquiry. We will check our parts stock to see if the inquiry can be fulfilled. We will email you back with our reply. If the order can ge fulfilled, we will include pricing in our reply. Let us know if you wish to proceed and if you do, we‘ll send you a PayPal invoice for payment.

If you need more than a single kit for any part number, please us know in your inquiry. Bulk pricing and packaging is always available.

We do have some weight kits in stock, and we‘ll post that list to the website in the coming weeks.

Lastly, we will have some test build cars and kits that will be offered for sale. Again, we‘ll post the details on the website when they become available.

Since 2004, Adair Shops has been providing weight upgrade kits, loads, and bridge kits to modelers across the country. It has been a good run for us, and we do want to thank all our customers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at adairshops@yousq.net.