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Last updated 01/26/20
ICE 100883 at Dubuque, IA (August 2012)
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07/31/22 - A couple of important annoucements
Email Address Change — The planned email address change has been postponed indefinently. Our internet provider informed us that Google (the email provider) is running into issues with the conversion. We have been told it will happen, but no date has been set.

Shipping Delays — We are currently experiencing about a 6 to 8 week delay in shipping orders. Like most companies these days, we are dealing with supply chain issues. What would normally take 2 days to receive in is taking weeks. We are shipping as fast as we can and we do ask for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
05/17/22 - Email address changing soon
Just a quick note that our email address will be changing as of July 1st, 2022. Our internet provider informed us this month that Google is dropping the yousq.net suffix. We have acquired a new email address, and are in the process of getting everything switched over (what a process). We'll post the new email address once were a little farther along in the switch over. In the meantime, our current email address is still working.
01/18/21 - Railroad photos moving to Flickr
Another change we’re making this year is that our railroad photos are moving to Flickr. The photo sharing platform that came with our webhosting is getting outdated. Our son is moving his photos over to Flickr, so we’ll start moving our railroad photos over there too.

When you click on any of our railroad photo links, you will be taken to our son’s Flickr Photostream. There, you’ll be to browse and search for photos. We hope you enjoy the new format!
01/18/21 - Increase in shipping rates
Effective today, our flat rate shipping has increased to $14.60. In addition, shipping will now be free for orders of $100.00 USD or greater. We wish we didn’t have to pass on the increases, but our shipping costs have been steadily rising. We thank you for your understanding.
01/26/20 - A Photo Worth Saving
Check out our latest blog posting that our son wrote about saving a technically troubled photo. It is an interesting article, and may provide you with a solution in saving a troubled photo.
04/01/19 - Weight upgrade kit now available for Accurail 36’ Double Sheath Boxcars / 36’ Fowler Wood Boxcars
Weight upgrade kit 1089 is now available for the Accurail 36’ Double Sheath Boxcars / 36’ Fowler Wood Boxcars. CLICK HERE for more details.
09/23/17 - The Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad
Check out our latest blog posting about the Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad. While going through some old family vacation photos, we stumbled across a few of the BM&LP taken in remote northern Arizona back in 1981. We hope you enjoy them!
02/20/17 - Out of Production Kits
The following HO weight upgrade kits are no longer in production due to material availability.

  • 8018R - 40’ 3-Bay Hopper Car (Roundhouse car)
  • 8018R2 - 40’ 3-Bay Hopper Car (Roundhouse car, 2 pack)